Cyprus: Training on Intercultural Dialogue

Cyprus: Training on Intercultural Dialogue

April 2017: The Nicosia NGO Support Center, in collaboration with the Anna Lindh Foundation (Cyprus National Network), organized an 8- hour, experiential training on Intercultural Dialogue on April 8th. The training was primarily based on the guidelines for conducting Intercultural Dialogue, as they are described in the Dialogue Toolkit developed by the INGO Conference of the CoE. Additional ideas introduced during the training were based on the trainer’s knowledge of Systemic, Narrative and Dialogical Practices.

Fifteen persons, from Cyprus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Greece, USA, Italy, Poland and the Czech Republic attended the training, which was surprising, considering it was anticipated that the participants would mostly be Cypriots. The training methodology included plenary discussions, individual work, pair discussions and small group tasks, to allow for participation and interaction on various levels. It also included a glimpse of the Dialogue work done in the northern suburbs of Stockholm two years earlier, entitled Hope in Järva. Finally, the participants were asked to evaluate the day. From their reactions, it can be safely assumed that they were well to very well satisfied.

Individual work and small group tasks…

Source and picture: Charis Charalambous

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