From Polarization to Participation

From Polarization to Participation

January 2016: The statistics related to the INGO Dialogue Toolkit website is worth consulting. The number of site visits during 2015 averages between 200-300 per month, which is modest. But the web search of our key words however shows a rapid rise; see the bottom line of the table below.

Internet searches for Dialogue Toolkit

One point to be drawn from this is the big, unmet need for dialogues: Many situations in Europe and the world are currently very polarized. The relevance of our slogan ‘From Polarization to Participation’ seems topical and our site continues to be at the top among the 12,8 million hits on line.

Inquiries about the INGO Dialogue Toolkit keep coming in, but there is room for more. Requests are being examined for feasibility, type of partnership and project funding. Also, responses are awaited to the offer of INGO Dialogue capacity made to the 29th CoE Congress of Local Authorities by the INGO President Anna Rurka on 20 October of the reporting year.

Last but not least, the INGO Dialogue Team wishes its readers all the best for the New Year just begun.

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