And on to the next year

And on to the next year…

Strasbourg, France: Following the activity report provided last June the Council of Europe INGO Standing Committee decided at the end of September that cooperation would be developed with IFEDA, the Tunisian Office in charge of NGO’s. But it will be done without the formality of a Convention, which remains the prerogative of intergovernmental relations at the Council of Europe.

In January work will start to frame this cooperation in a suitable manner.

Moscow, Russian Federation: On 30 October the City Government of Moscow held its second international Research and Training Conference on ‘Unity in Diversity’. The Honorary President of the INGO Conference, Annelise Oeschger, was invited to speak. Her presentation included the INGO Dialogue Toolkit and the possibility of examining a cooperation agreement with relevant stakeholders.

Lahore, Pakistan: The Trust for History, Arts and Architecture of Pakistan (THAAP) held its 5th International Conference in November. The INGO Dialogue Hub Coordinator was invited to present his paper entitled: “Dialogue – ways to move from polarization to participation” before an audience of academics and minority representatives who had focused on issues of marginalization and poverty. The Dialogue presentation has been approved by the Organizer’s Selection Committee and will be part of a book due to be published.

With the above-mentioned and other items the INGO Dialogue Hub will move into 2015 and offers very best wishes for the New Year to all its partners and readers.

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