Funder approves 2012 Report

Funder approves 2012 Report

14 June 2013

We are glad to announce that the external Funding Agency of the INGO Dialogue Toolkit has approved the report and accounts of 2012. The project aims have been reached with a budget of about CHF 28’000.00, closing the accounts just below budget. Volunteers carried out the bulk of the activity, which is the case with most of the Council of Europe INGO Conference work, hence the rather modest budget sum. It was particularly rewarding to learn that the Management Board of the Funding Agency was “enthusiastic” about the INGO Dialogue Toolkit publication.

Вы говорите на русском?

Russian Header

If so, here is your chance: The INGO Dialogue Toolkit is now available as manuscript in Russian by way of the on line reading facility on this website. The printing of the Russian version is subject to fresh funding and would ideally be related to a Dialogue implementation.

Finally, this month provides the updated 2013 Fact Sheets in three languages, English, French and Russian.

Happy reading!

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